Not every student qualifies for admission to the University of Toronto. For the 2012 to 2013 school year, the university accepted 61 percent of the students who applied. All applicants need competitive grades and test scores, and those interested in specific disciplines such as business, engineering or performance arts have additional requirements to meet.

General Requirements

Admission to the University of Toronto is competitive, and American applicants need a degree from an accredited high school. Most accepted U.S. applicants are in at least the top third of their class. You need to score at least 600 on each component of the SAT or a 26 on the ACT plus an 8 on the ACT writing portion. You also need to take at least two SAT subject tests in your prospective major. If you've taken Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate tests, those results can substitute for the SAT subject tests. You need to take English in high school, and all science, math and business majors need to take calculus.

Rotman Commerce

Undergraduate applicants to the Rotman Commerce Program must complete an essay on a random topic covering an extracurricular activity, leadership, community engagement or interest in business studies. The essay can’t exceed 1,500 characters and has no time limit. You also need to choose one of three questions on the same theme as the essay and answer the question in a two- to four-minute video. Applicants have an hour to upload the video. The Rotman school admits about 650 students from a pool of 6,500 applications each year.


Prospective engineering science students should have grades in high 80s to low 90s out of 100 percent in high school for a good chance at admission. Mechanical engineering students ought to have grades in the mid to high 80s. It’s recommended that chemical, industrial, civil, computer, electrical, materials and mineral engineering students have grades in the low to mid 80s. Engineering students must fill out a Student Profile Form, where you discuss your leadership and dedication to extracurricular activities. If you repeat a high school course, the college will consider your original grades unless some extenuating circumstance affected your performance.

Fine Arts

Drama majors need a personal interview in addition to meeting the university admission requirements. You need to choose one of three entry points: Introduction to Performance, Introduction to Playwriting or Production. Acting students must audition and playwriting students must submit a portfolio of writing samples. Music majors also must audition. If you live outside of Toronto, you can send in a recording although a personal audition is preferred. You’ll play a prepared piece, sight read and play music and answer questions about your instrument and yourself. Instrumental jazz majors need to submit a DVD of two performances of "Billie’s Bounce" by Charlie Parker.

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