Every year about 1.5 million students take the SAT test, which helps determine your college possibilities. Due to the test's importance, many students enroll in an SAT prep course to raise their SAT performance. However, not all SAT test prep courses are created equal. In a survey conducted by Consumer Reports Webwatch, four courses were found especially adequate in preparing students for the SAT.

The Official SAT Online Course

The Official SAT Online Course has the very same creators as the SAT itself. Some students argue that this fact makes The Official SAT Online Course more trustworthy and valid than other SAT prep courses. The course content consists of lecture-style presentations as well as practice tests. Students receive feedback on all tests and quizzes. The course is priced at $70 for four months. A survey of students scored The Official SAT Online Course at 96 out of 100 possible points.

Boston Test Prep

The Boston Test Prep is an online SAT prep course with the innovative feature that allows students to directly interact with other students in the course. The course design is simple and efficient in interactive features. However, some students prefer the Boston Test Prep course because of a feature that allows students to create tests designed to improve in specific areas of the SAT. This course does not include essay test grading. The course is priced at $100 for three months and received 90 out of 100 in the survey of students.

Kaplan’s SAT Online Prep

The Washington Post company offers this course. Kaplan’s SAT Online Prep begins with a diagnostic exam, which allows a student to receive a personal study plan designed for achieving a specific SAT score by a certain test date. This prep course is highly structured, with immediate feedback and assistance through the process of the entirety of the course. However, Kaplan’s SAT Online Prep course collects student information. If you want to avoid having your personal information shared, you must specifically state so in the course registration. For $400, you can have six months of access to this course. Students graded Kaplan’s SAT Online Prep at 85.


Number2.com is a free SAT prep course that is technically on par with the other top SAT prep courses. This lack of cost comes with the price of e-mail solicitations. One attractive feature of Number2.com is the weekly e-mail reminders meant to keep you on track to your SAT goal. Students graded Number2.com at 85 out of 100.

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