A career in advertising may mean anything from creating an ad campaign for a magazine or cable television network to conducting marketing research to creating a company presence on electronic media platforms. Although the ranking of advertising schools depends to a large degree on who is doing the ranking, and the chosen criteria, students have several options for top schools nationwide.

The Midwest

Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism in Evanston, Illinois, offers an integrated marketing curriculum for advertising students in both an undergraduate and graduate program that emphasizes digital media and marketing strategies. Students are accepted into the journalism school at Northwestern as juniors. The University of Chicago's marketing management master's in business administration program offers courses in marketing strategies and gives students the opportunity to try different types of marketing and advertising plans in its management lab. The University of Wisconsin has a specialization in its master's marketing program that allows students to specialize in brand and product management. A bachelor's degree in marketing is also available. Northwestern, the University of Chicago, and Wisconsin were all ranked in the top 10 undergraduate advertising and marketing schools nationwide by College Atlas.

The South

Duke University, which appeared on College Atlas' list of top advertising and marketing schools, offers a marketing program as part of its MBA program. Students can specialize in product management, market analysis and strategy, or a dual concentration. Students are able to conduct market research on the Duke campus. A seminar series that brings in other scholars and experts in advertising and marketing is also held at Duke each year.

The East Coast

The University of Pennsylvania offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs in marketing. Undergraduates and graduate students can get a dual degree in marketing and communications in conjunction with the school of communications. Penn encourages marketing majors to get a dual degree. The university also runs a think tank where scholars and businesses can try out new ideas, ad campaigns, and marketing strategies. Students in the MBA program at the Harvard School of Business work through marketing and advertising field study and case methods to solve problems. Students are assigned a cohort upon entering the school, and they work in groups throughout their two-year course load. Both Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania are ranked in the top five marketing and advertising schools in the country by College Atlas.

The West Coast

The University of California at Berkeley's marketing MBA program emphasizes quantitative modeling and new and emerging technology because of its proximity to Silicon Valley and the huge technology market there. A doctoral program is also offered. The university holds a summer institute for its graduate students in competitive marketing and advertising strategies. Stanford University also offers an MBA program in marketing. Students in the graduate program work in small groups on business solutions to marketing problems. Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley are ranked among the top 10 marketing and advertising programs in the United States by College Atlas.

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