Earning a degree in environmental science from one of the top schools for this area of study can lead to students finding a career working at government agencies that study waste disposal issues, companies for green energy innovations, global warming and many other environmental areas. Environmental science is a growing area of study that focuses on environmental changes and creating solutions for environmental problems. Environmental science can be a very marketable degree due to the increased national focus on the environment.

Stanford University

Stanford University is ranked as the top school for environmental science by U.S News and World Report. This program provides a focused education on earth sciences and teaching the skills necessary to conduct research in environmental science. Students who have completed the environmental science program at Stanford will be well-prepared for graduate school or a career focused on understanding the earth's environment.

University of California at Berkeley

The environmental science program at the University of California at Berkeley is ranked second according to U.S News and World Report. This program requires students to take coursework in many sciences and mathematics. In their senior year in the program students will be enrolled in a senior research seminar where they will conduct research on a specific area of interest in environmental sciences, with the help of a faculty advisor.

Harvard University

Ranked third by U.S News and World Report, Harvard University's environmental science program is focused on addressing environmental challenges and changes, and how to engineer solutions. Students in this program will focus much of their time on research-based learning and hands-on experiential learning. Atmospheric sciences, microbiology, climate, oceanography, environmental chemistry, water policy and international environmental policies are all research areas students will become familiar with in this program at Harvard.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is ranked the fourth top school for environmental sciences by U.S News and World Report. This program is specifically designed for students who wish to pursue studies in environmental sciences with a focus on environmental engineering. Students will learn about the current problems the environment is facing, such as how to gain access to cleaner drinking water, and how to create sustainable solutions. Additionally, students in this program work closely with each other and faculty on research and their coursework.

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