Choosing a college degree is an important but difficult decision. Many people making the choice only have a vague idea of their career goals. But the decision must be made and some degrees are proving much more popular among students than others, whether the choice is based on a passion, salary or a high chance of employment after graduation.

Popular Degrees

Nursing degrees are very popular as of 2011; associate degrees to become a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse can be earned in two years of study. It will take a further two years to earn a bachelor's degree in registered nursing. A shortage of nurses means that if you graduate this course you will have an increased chance of finding work. Licensed practical nurses can earn up to $46,000 annually and registered nurses can make $72,000.

Psychology has become a popular degree but not just for those who want a career in psychology. This course can take you into careers such as public relations and human resources.

Business Administration and Management is in demand among students and graduates can earn up to $60,000 a year. This course can take you straight into high paying jobs. This is particular true for those who have studied at a highly-rated business school and have earned a Master of Business Administration degree.

All of the aforementioned degrees were listed in the "Campus Grotto" compilation of most popular college majors.

High Paid

Those motivated by salary potential may wish to earn an associate degree in nuclear engineering which is in high demand. Graduates earn $75,649 a year on average as of 2011.

A bachelor degree in Aerospace Engineering is also popular; the average graduate will earn $103,181.

A masters degree in geology will see you taking home $74,785 a year.

A Juris Doctorate degree graduate can expect to earn $101,400 annually, making this the most promising doctoral degree selection.

In Demand for Employers

Graduates of Mechanical Engineering have the expertise needed to design and build mechanical equipment and devices. Mechanical Engineers are also in demand for employers, who are willing to pay $54,057 to graduates fresh out of college.

Graduates holding a Bachelors Degree in Marketing are looking for work managing the public image of a company and business are on the lookout for them. Graduates can earn $53,051.

Online College Courses

Online courses are becoming increasingly popular with those looking to earn a degree.

Computer Science is a popular choice as of 2011, wherein you can earn a bachelor of science. These courses offer flexible education on areas such as databases and web development. Graduates can earn $53,051.

Criminal Justice is a high-demand online degree that is offered from the majority of online colleges. You can learn about national security and forensics, to name a few. Both of these degrees were named in "My College and Careers" list of top online degrees in 2011.

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