Some of the top nursing schools in the nation are located at Christian universities. These top Christian nursing schools often add a spiritual dimension to the otherwise scientific curriculum that is a part of the education process for the nursing profession. These programs, like other top-ranked programs in the nation, offer a wide variety of degree programs and opportunities to pursue joint degrees or interdisciplinary studies programs.

Emory University

Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the top universities in the nation. Its nursing program is no exception. "U.S. News & World Report" ranked the Emory nursing program No. 26 among all nursing programs nationwide in 2007. Emory is a university that was founded in the 1830s in the Methodist tradition of the Christian church. Although it has evolved significantly since then to offer a number of programs with more secular emphases, it is still recognized as a prominent Christian university that never lost sight of its heritage. This is evidenced through its highly regarded school of theology. Its nursing program offers a bachelor of science (BSN) degree program for students holding a bachelor's degree in another field. It also offers the BSN in conjunction with a master of science (MSN) as part of an accelerated degree program that allows students to obtain both degrees in a shortened time frame. Other graduate degree programs include the Ph.D. and the master's of science in public health.

Emory University Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing 1520 Clifton Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30322 404-712-2857

Loyola University

Loyola University in Chicago is also among the best Christian universities offering nursing degree programs. As the 40th highest rated program in the nation, according to "U.S. News" in 2007, Loyola's nursing program is the second-highest rated program among Christian schools. Loyola was founded in the Jesuit tradition of the Catholic church. As such, it is known for its academic rigor and discipline. Nursing degrees include the BSN for both graduating high school students and an accelerated program for those already holding a bachelor's degree. A bachelor of science in health systems management is also offered. Graduate degrees include the master of science, doctor of nursing practice (DNP) and the Ph.D.

Loyola University Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing 6525 North Sheridan Rd Chicago, IL 60626 773-508-3249

Marquette University

Also founded in the Jesuit tradition of the Catholic church, Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was founded in 1881. Its nursing program ranked 54 in the nation according to the 2007 "U.S. News & World Report." It too offers the full spectrum of degrees, including the BSN, MSN, DNP and the Ph.D. Like the Loyola program, Marquette also offers the joint nursing and business administration degree at the master's degree level. Areas of emphasis offered by the program include gerontology, midwifery, acute care, pediatric care and health systems management.

Marquette University College of Nursing Clark Hall Milwaukee, WI 53233 414-288-3869

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