Carpentry requires a number of skills beyond the physical, including math skills. Carpenters need to calculate areas, apply trigonometric formula to figure angles, estimate quantities of materials and calculate costs. As the field of carpentry continues to grow, college programs in carpentry are playing an essential role in training new recruits in this field. Carpentry programs are available through trade schools and community colleges.

Austin Community College

One of the largest community college systems offering a carpentry program, Austin Community College, in Texas, provides students with a an unusually full-service campus experience, including tutoring programs, counseling and job placement resources. The school offers a carpentry specialization as part of their building construction technology program. Students can earn an associate degree in construction technology or a certificate in the carpentry specialization. Students learn floor, wall and roof framing as well as blueprint reading, construction safety, estimating and interior and exterior finishing.

Los Rios Community College

Most carpenters learn their trade through apprenticeships. Los Rios Community College in Sacramento, California, offers a top apprenticeship program in conjunction with local unions that can lead to an Associate of Arts degree or a certificate of completion. The program covers safety, blueprint reading, construction processes, building codes and estimating. Students must be registered apprentices before enrolling in the program.

Seattle Central Community College

Seattle Central Community College in Washington offers a unique variety of carpentry programs. The Associate of Applied Science in Carpentry program covers woodworking, floor systems and framing as well as math and computer skills. The college’s Woodworking Technology Center also offers a fine woodworking program and a marine carpentry program. Certificate programs are offered in carpentry or either specialty area. Community service classes are offered for beginners or those looking to boost skills.

Ashworth College

Ashworth College offers the unique convenience of an online program in carpentry. Students can start the program at any time and work at their own pace. The program consists of 19 consecutive lessons covering hand tool and power tool use, wall and roof framing, stairway construction, drywalling and floor finishing. Students can interact with others in the program through the student community service. The college also provides some career guidance and job search tools.

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