From preparing students for the mission field to teaching the foundational principles of Christianity, Bible colleges provide students with opportunities to learn in a faith-based academic and residential community. Students view their chosen majors within a Christian framework, learning how to live out their faith within their professions. Highly ranked universities that value and teach the Bible, provide opportunities for ministry and offer a diverse curriculum can present you with ideal environments to explore your future career.

Biola: Solid Scholarship, Solid Doctrine

Biola University in southern California seeks to not only prepare students for Christian service work and careers, but build a campus community around its core values of truth, transformation and testimony. Ranked as a prestigious National University by U.S. News and World Report for more than 20 years, Biola offers BA and Ph.D. degrees in more than 145 fields of study, including theology, business, psychology and education. Students seeking a college built on solid theology will find that Biola's doctrinal statement has experienced little change since the school's founding in 1908, largely due to the important role theology plays in selecting faculty.

College of the Ozarks: "Hard Work U"

The College of the Ozarks takes a surprising approach to developing strong work and Christian character development: free tuition for all students. In exchange, full-time students work 15 hours a week at one of 80 on-campus jobs. This college ranks No. 10 for Midwestern regional colleges in the U.S. News Best Colleges list. This enables graduates to leave college not only without debt, but also with significant work experience that will aid them in a competitive job market. Work-study assignments are usually made in accordance with students' majors, giving them hands-on experience outside the classroom as well. The College of the Ozarks also offers more than 40 majors, as well as 10 pre-professional programs such as law, medicine and veterinary sciences.

Liberty: Diverse Curriculum, Diverse Options

Originally created in 1971 as a ministry school for college-aged students in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University has since become the largest Christian university in the world. Committed to its motto of "training champions for Christ," Liberty offers more than 450 areas of study, such as seminary, music, medicine, business and engineering, as well as undergraduate, graduate, certificate and associate degrees. The school's renowned online program, ranked first on The Best School's list of the Top 20 Online Christian Colleges, also includes distance learning students in campus activities, such as online worship services and encouragement from a virtual student community.

Wheaton: Close Christian Community

Ranked 75th on Forbes Top Colleges in the US for 2014, Wheaton College's strong student community and academic program aims to lend a Biblical perspective to students' majors so they can more effectively meet the needs of others. Wheaton's student body is unique in that 88 percent of students choose to live on campus, enabling them to engage fellow residents and build Christ-centered friendships and community, according to Christian Universities Online. With 87 percent of students graduating within six years, students are inspired to not only pursue scholarship for the sake of a future profession, but with future ministry opportunities in view as well.

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