Students who want to attain entry to an art school program should have a shining letter of purpose. Sometimes called an essay or letter of intent, the statement should reveal the student's goals as an artist while allowing the admissions team a closer look at the student as an individual. According the University of New Mexico's art program page, a letter of intent should discuss the candidate's ideas about their work and what they believe the program will help them achieve.


Research the art department thoroughly before applying. Note some professors that stand out and teach certain topics. If these topics are of special interest to the student, then this may be important to point out in the letter of intent. The admissions team will like know that the student has knowledge about the school and is enthusiastic about it for specific reasons.


Students who seek entrance to an art department should write a letter of intent that reveals their personality. The letter should demonstrate that the student has an understanding of her own work, creative abilities and ideas. It also should show why the student has passion for their work. Describe an event that made the student want to create their art, what their inspirations are and why the school's program will help them achieve their dreams.


Many students applying to art programs typically present portfolios within their art program applications. The portfolios reveal the work that the student has done, whether it is illustration, photography or something else. Usually, the student's portfolio is accompanied by the letter of intent. In this case, the letter of intent can be used to further explain the art and why the student was driven to create the kind of art that they create.


Always edit the letter of intent when it is finished. The student must make sure it is error-free. It should be checked for spelling, sentence structure or grammar errors.

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