To complete nursing school, you need some of the same tools and supplies used by registered nurses every day. Common nursing school supplies include trade-specific tools, clothing and books. Nursing schools often give students lists of required and suggested tools and supplies before the students begin their clinical nursing training.

Nursing Tools and Supplies

As a nursing student you need nursing scissors, a stethoscope, a penlight and a watch with a second hand. Nursing scissors or bandage scissors are used to open packaging, trim bandages and cut bandage tape to length. A stethoscope is used as part of taking blood pressure readings. Stethoscopes come in one- and two-tube varieties with single and double heads. Nursing school supply lists may ask for a specific style of stethoscope.

Penlights are used to observe eye dilation. They can also come in handy for noting information on charts when light is limited. A watch with a second hand is required to take pulse readings.

Nursing Clothes

Nursing clothes typically used in nursing school include scrubs and a lab coat. Guidelines for scrubs differ from one nursing school to the next. Some nursing schools provide you with scrubs that have the name of the nursing school embroidered on the top to differentiate nursing students from staff. In other cases, white scrubs are required.

A lab coat or vest should have pockets large enough to hold a small notebook, pens, penlight and other nursing tools and supplies. Not all nursing schools require a lab coat or vest.

Nursing Socks and Shoes

Nursing shoes are one of the more important supplies for nursing students. During clinical rotations, nursing students walk and stand for long periods. Nursing schools may specify the style and color of nursing shoes allowed. In most cases, white shoes with an enclosed back are required. Clog styles are popular among nurses because they are wide and comfortable. Some nursing schools allow all-white sneakers in place of formal nursing shoes. Support socks or pantyhose provide extra comfort while preventing fatigue.

Nursing Books and Study Guides

Books commonly purchased by nursing students include NCLEX study guides, medical dictionaries and medication dictionaries. NCLEX guides are used to study for the RN licensure exam. Medical dictionaries and medication dictionaries are useful when writing care plans and studying for nursing courses. Some nursing schools require that nurses take medication dictionaries along on clinical rotations.

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