The United States has some of the best theological seminaries in the world. Whether you want to be a clergyman, professor, counselor or just simply pursue religious studies, the U.S. has an institution that will fit your personality, religion and budget. Here are some of the best-known theological seminaries in the world.

Princeton Theological Seminary

Princeton University is one of the top Ivy League institutions in the country, and the school's seminary is no exception. Princeton has some of the best theological research resources in the world, from libraries and museums to churches and lectures-as well as one of the most renowned faculties in the world. Degree options at Princeton Theological Seminary are Master of Divinity/Education in Youth Ministry, Master of Arts, Master of Theology and Doctor of Philosophy. The seminary incorporates theology, philosophy, history and education into the curriculum and instills in its students a creative, intellectual and spiritual grasp on religion.

Princeton Theological Seminary 64 Mercer Street Princeton, NJ 08542 609-921-8300

Jewish Theological Seminary

The Jewish Theological Seminary of America provides world-class Jewish education in higher education to thousands every year. The seminary is made up of five schools-The Graduate School, Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies, William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education, The Rabbinical School and the H. L. Miller Cantorial School and College of Jewish Music-and offers a variety of graduate and doctorate degrees. The institution's world-class library and top-notch Jewish faculty help prepare students to become religious, educational and literary leaders.

Jewish Theological Seminary of America 3080 Broadway New York, NY 10027 212-678-8832

Harvard Divinity School

Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts-undoubtedly one of the most prestigious college institutions in the world-has trained religious leaders since the university's inception in 1636. Now called Harvard Divinity School, the sect of Harvard has carried over the tradition and offers a variety of theological degrees to people of all walks of faith. Degree options include Master of Divinity, Master of Theology, Doctor of Theology and Master of Theological Studies. Theology students at Harvard form a strong bond with other students during their time there, worshiping together, meeting together, eating and drinking together-all while pursuing a common degree and a common interest. Admission to Harvard Divinity School is competitive, but earning a degree from the university solidifies your future in your field.

Harvard Divinity School Office of Admissions 14 Divinity Avenue Room 214 Cambridge, MA 02138 617-496-1012

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