Some college students spend thousand of dollars each year on textbooks. At the time of publication, the College Board indicated he average cost for books and supplies to be $1200. Just getting a few textbooks each semester for free can significantly decrease your overall expenses by hundreds of dollars. You may be surprised how easy it is to find some of your required textbooks online for free.

Look at the website to see if it has any of textbooks you require. You can download 45,000 free ebooks to portable devices such as the iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone and Android. From this website, you can also link to over 100,000 ebooks available through the website's partners and affiliates.

Search for your books at,,, and Some of the books -- many of which are updated on a regular basis -- appear in PDF form, and others can be viewed online as ebooks. View the catalogs of available titles to find the textbook you need., for example, offers ebooks that cover a gamut of subjects including business and economics, professional and applied science, humanities and social science, biology and chemistry. specializes in science textbooks. Professor and teachers have authored many of the textbooks offered by these website, and your high school or university may use some of these titles for instruction.

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Choose the textbook you desire, and select the desired format. Some of the websites allow you to read the textbook online while others require you to pay to print the book or download it as an audio book or ebook.

Go to to trade textbooks you used during a previous semester for those you will need in a coming semester.

Post an ad on a classified website such as Detail which textbooks you need and which you can offer as a trade. Consider offering services such as proofreading or tutoring to trade for textbooks at no cost.


  • Know the details, such as the authors' names and the ISBN number, of the books you need. This will expedite the search process.
  • Help defer the cost of textbooks for other students by donating your used textbooks to


  • Start looking for the textbooks early. Other students will have the same idea, so get a jump on selecting your books while there is the widest selection of available titles.

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