You can overcome learning disabilities, but they do not disappear as a person grows older and becomes an adult. New challenges will appear in your adult role with your career, spouse and children, and as a citizen. Take charge of your life by finding resources that will help you overcome your learning disability and help you make good decisions.

Acknowledge that there are many types of learning disabilities such as a visual perception disability when it is difficult for a person to determine the position or the shape of what they are seeing. Another disability is auditory perception, when a person can't distinguish differences in sounds and often confuse words or phrases that sound the same. Poor vision, inadequate hearing, emotional problems and mental retardation are some of the more common learning disabilities in adults.

Seek professional screening, assessment or testing for possible adult learning disabilities. Diagnosis of the disability is determined through an initial interview or an information gathering process while determining strengths, weaknesses and other difficulties and struggles.

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Determine and measure the intellectual function of the adult. The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale is often used. Note displays of underachievement but at the same time, they may show evidence of average ability intellectually, socially and emotionally.

Notice signs of vision or hearing problems or the effects of auditory or visual difficulties.

Recognize struggles with reading, math or language issues when speaking, writing or spelling.

Note any signs of behavior or psychological issues. Problems with attention span, organizational skills, social situations or other behavior issues.

Schedule a feedback interview to discuss the results of the test or evaluation along with the suggested recommendations in improving weaknesses. To cope with or accommodate the problem areas discuss compensatory strategies on how you can deal effectively with the problems. A written report will accompany this interview.

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