The high school and middle school years are often a time of transition for many kids. They may be starting at a new school, trying to make friends and fit in with their peers. Team building activities help them to know each other and give them a common experience from which to grow their friendship.

Would You Rather

Ask participants to create a list of "would you rather" questions prior to the activity. These are questions that offer two scenarios and ask which one you would rather do. Have participants take turns asking the question to the rest of the group. Group members should have a few minutes to think about their answers and then share them with the group. This activity is also an ideal activity for an online environment, such as an online class or a chat room.

Elbow Tag

This activity is suitable for a gym or a large room where participants have room to run around. One person in the group is "it" and one person is "free." The remaining participants link elbows and scatter around the room. These participants are now frozen in place. The person who is "it" chases the person who is free and tries to tag him. The person who is free runs from "it" and may choose to link elbows with someone who is frozen. That person is now unlinked with their original partner. The original partner is now "free," and the game continues.

North Wind Blows

Participants sit in a circle on the floor. The teacher stands outside of the circle and calls out different characteristics that apply to some members of the group. These characteristics may include having two or more siblings, being a member of the school band or anything else she can think of. She would call out the characteristics by saying "The north wind blows on anyone who..." Anyone who matches that characteristic would get up and run across the circle and sit down on the opposite side. The more creative the characteristics, the more fun it will be for everyone.

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