Teaching kids a new language can be a difficult, stressful experience, especially if you can’t seem to keep to your lesson plan. When you’re teaching an exotic language such as Arabic, you’re in constant danger of veering off to other sections, because you’re excited about it and eager to show the kids how much fun it can be. But how do you get the kids to think the way you do using your Arabic lesson plan?

Step 1

Build your lesson plan step by step. What are you planning to teach for the day? Is it nouns, verbs, adjectives? How are you going to approach the class? Will you use a lecture style or presentation style? These are all issues to consider as you work on your Arabic lesson plan.

Step 2

Walk into the class and set up your course material. If it’s a presentation class, you’ll have to set up your physical props or your photo presentation. Set up the screen, and load the presentation. Take a few minutes to sort it out in a precise manner so you don’t get confused or veer off the topic of study.

Step 3

Begin the class by introducing the concept of the lesson plan for the day. If you’re teaching the kids to read each word in Arabic, associate it with the noun and then write it down, explain this beforehand. This helps understanding and reduces confusion.

Step 4

Objectify each sentence. Use visual depictions to aid understanding of the words and their meanings. Any word in this language can be explained by one or a series of pictures, which is especially important when you’re teaching young kids Arabic.

Step 5

Teach the art of writing by example. Arabic is a difficult language to write. You have to first concentrate on teaching the sounds of the language before attempting to write the Arabic alphabet. In Arabic, the written word tends to begin on the right side of the page, flowing to the left. How do you write Kitaabun in Arabic? If you’ve been teaching young kids Arabic for awhile, and your students already know the letters of the alphabet and how to link them, your job becomes easier. If not, then writing in Arabic becomes a lesson plan for another month.


Arabic is not an easy language to teach, since its alphabet is quite dramatically different from English. To teach an Arabic lesson plan, you’ll have to have quite a bit of patience and enthusiasm for the language. Also, before embarking on your lesson plan, ensure that the kids are in their comfort zone. This helps them understand and grasp the subject matter faster.

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