Imagine studying art in Europe, the home of so much fine painting, architecture and sculpture. Walk outside every day and experience the work of the masters. Europe has many options for studying art geared toward college students or those who simply want to continue learning. With these programs, you can learn about art -- or create masterpieces of your own.


The Council on International Educational Exchange offers more than one art program in Europe. Students analyze how art and architecture have developed in Lisbon and Barcelona; in this program, students consider the context of different media that are characteristic of art from Roman times to the present. Alternatively, students have the opportunity to roam the streets of Paris and Prague comparing and contrasting the two rich cultures. Summer sessions with CIEE offer many excursions and cultural-immersion opportunities. CIEE is a university-based program, so students can earn credit.

Ar Travel

If Italy is your preference, Ar Travel offers a 16-day summer art program for adults and students. This program is geared toward artists and art students working in oil, watercolor and acrylic. Students live in the lakeside town of Menaggio in a four-star hotel. Instructors work either in private studios or outside in nature offering personalized guidance and lectures. The program offers regular art theory and art history lectures. Faculty members also present demonstrations.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad catalogs programs that allow college students to live in the homeland of the masterpieces rather than just read about them. For artists, these programs provide inspiration from the great masters. Students can study at the Aegean Center for Fine Arts in Paros, Greece, spend six weeks in France studying French theater, art and art history at the Aix Center or visit an open studio in Germany that offers dialogue between students, faculty, visiting artists and curators.

Accademia Riaci

Accademia Riaci, an art and design academy in Florence Italy, features summer programs in English and Italian. Appropriate for anyone from beginners to professional artists, the program also offers choices in the length of study: from one week to two months. Students learn about ceramics, drawing, painting and culinary art. Students who study for four weeks or more may be eligible for college credit. Faculty members are top artists in their respective fields, and class sizes feature a maximum six-to-one ratio.

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