The Department of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) conducts a math placement test. This test is an assessment of math skills for students who wish to take mathematics courses at UNLV. Students who pass the test proceed to college level mathematics course, but those who don't will take a developmental course. Preparing for the test mainly involves reviewing basic math concepts and practicing algebra problems.

Speak to students who have previously taken the test to find out the topics it covers. This is possibly the only avenue you have to learn about the test because UNLV does not provide sample tests, questions or guides of the syllabus the test covers. Moreover, since it is an in-house test to determine your eligibility for math courses, no other sources are available to procure relevant information.

Concentrate on reviewing the fundamentals of algebra. UNLV offers courses in intermediate algebra, number concepts, precalculus, finite mathematics and elementary calculus. The test committee will look for a strong grasp of these basic math skills to confirm your eligibility for these courses.

Refer to a college algebra textbook. Solve the self-assessment problems at the end of each chapter. Work manually, with pen and paper, because the test committee does not allow the use of calculators or other electronic devices.

Divide the portions you have to study into small units. Determine the time you need to spend on each of these units based on how easy or difficult you find them. Prepare a realistic timetable with deadlines for completing each topic.

Form a study group with other students who are taking the placement test. Meet frequently and practice solving problems together.

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