The objectives statement can be one of the most difficult parts of writing a resume. This is especially true for students, who often do not have a lot of professional experience. It can be difficult for them to find specific work examples to include. Students can, however, point out the experiences they do have while emphasizing their potential.


A statement of objectives should be the first part of the resume after the student's name, address and contact information. Common headings for the statement include "Career Goals," "Professional Objective" or "Objective." It is usually one to three lines in length.


An objective statement should summarize the student's career goals and aspirations, emphasizing what the student has to offer a potential employer. It has several purposes. One is to establish the student as a professional. The statement should make the student appear committed to succeeding in the field instead of just a student looking for a job. It is also an opportunity for students to sell themselves, to list the abilities they will bring to a job. Finally, the statement should state the specific type of job the student is interested in at the moment.

Emphasize Potential

Although most students will not have a lot of professional experience, it is important to emphasize the experiences they do have. These can include internships, involvement with professional organizations, part-time jobs and summer jobs. However, the major focus needs to be on the potential a student can bring to the job. It should list the student's specific interests, areas of study and experiences. Let potential employers know the student is ready to do good work which will only improve with increased experience.

Focus Objectives

Before writing the statement, students need to narrow the focus of the objective statement. They need to know exactly what their career goals are. Students should know what kind of job they want to get out of school and where they want to be five to 10 years down the road. Students should also have a clear idea of the strengths and abilities they will bring to the job. They should also consider what kind of organization they want to work for out of school. Do they want to work for a large firm and work their way up or start out at a smaller organization? Do they want to work for a nonprofit or for-profit organization?

Make it Specific

A common mistake is to make the objective statement too vague. Avoid statements such as "wanting to work in a lot of areas and utilize my abilities." Instead, state the specific type of job desired and the kinds of abilities the student will bring to the job. Students will apply for specific jobs, so they need to make it clear that they have the ability and desire to do that job.

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