The Stanford Achievement Test is one type of standardized testing package available to school districts across the United States. Schools can use this test to determine how much their students understand in a variety of subjects, and then plan to address any deficiencies the test scores show.

Not the SAT

Although they have the same initials, the Stanford Achievement Test is not the SAT that students take to get into college; that test is the Scholastic Aptitude Test. The Stanford Achievement Test has no bearing on a student's entry into colleges and universities.

Grade Levels

The Stanford Achievement Test is available in levels 1 to 13 (kindergarten through 12th grade), so students of all ages can take this test from year to year to measure their progress.


The Stanford Achievement Test is composed of multiple-choice and open-ended questions. This allows educators to use measurable answers and subjective answers from their students to assess student understanding.


The Stanford Achievement Test covers a variety of subject areas, including math, reading, science and writing. It is a general test of knowledge in these subjects for each grade level.


The Stanford Achievement Test is a standardized test, which means there are requirements for when, where and how long the students take this test. This ensures that all students are taking the test in the same manner, regardless of the school they attend. This way, their scores can be reasonably compared.

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