Spelling City is a great website (spellingcity.com) to use in the classroom to practice sight words, spelling words or vocabulary words. There are many free games on this website that you can use in the classroom and at home. You can play its version of Hangman called Hang Mouse. Or you can work on unscrambling words and sentences and drag the correct word into a sentence.

Hang Mouse

Hang Mouse is a kid-friendly version of Hang Man. In this game, a mouse tries to get some cheese that is in front of a sleeping cat. After typing in a list of spelling words, a set of dashes is presented that corresponds with how many letters are in the word. The alphabet is also at the bottom of the page. You begin by picking a letter. If the letter is in the word, it will appear in the place of one of the dashes and the mouse will get a little piece of cheese. If the letter is not in the word, you will hear a beep and the mouse will not get any cheese. On each word, you get seven chances to guess the letters. As the chances dwindle, the cat starts waking up to get the mouse.


In the game Unscramble, you are given a spelling word that is scrambled. You must try to unscramble the word by dragging the letters down into a box. If you get the letters in the wrong order, the letters in the wrong order turn red while the letters that are in the correct order turn white. You get another chance to get the word correct, and you are supplied with a hint. If you get the word correct, a trilling noise is heard and you can go on to the next word.

Which Word

The game Which Word gives you practice putting the correct word in a sentence. A sentence appears on the screen and you are given four options of words that could go in the sentence. If you get it correct, you will hear a trilling noise and the sentence will be read to you. If you get the answer incorrect, a beep is heard and you get another chance to get it correct.

Sentence Unscramble

One of the more difficult games on Spelling City's website is Sentence Unscramble. A sentence is presented in the wrong order. You must drag the words to the box in the correct order. Much like the word unscrambling game, the words turn red if they are in the wrong order and turn white if they are in the correct order. You can also receive a hint to help you with the sentence. When you get the sentence correct, you will hear a trill and you can move on to the next sentence.

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