Joining a college sorority is an exciting experience that can bring about lasting friendships and lifelong bonds with your sisters. There’s no denying the social perks that comes with Greek life, but there’s much more to sororities than parties and mixers. They also offer a chance to become more involved with your campus and community through philanthropic work and networking opportunities. Before any of this, however, you must to go through rush week, where you learn about the different sororities on campus and meet their members. During this recruitment period, you’ll find that there are several steps to take before you can become a new member. While different campuses have different recruitment techniques and practices, there are a few steps that are common among most schools.

Open House

During the open house round, you and other potential new members will be taken to all the chapters on campus by a Rho Gamma. A Rho Gamma is an older sorority girl who has disaffiliated herself from her chapter for the week so she can guide you through the Greek system and answer any questions you have from an unbiased standpoint. Most open house visits to individual sororities last about 20 to 30 minutes, and during this time you get a quick introduction to the chapter and a chance to meet the members. After this first round, you’ll have a better idea of which houses you liked and which you want to cut, and the sororities will also start thinking about which potential new members they think would be a good fit.


The philanthropy round involves less visits since you’ve decided against some chapters and they may have decided against you. This part of recruitment gives potential new members a better look at the sororities, with chapter members explaining the history of the organization, as well as what their focus and ideals are. You’ll also learn about the philanthropic endeavors of the chapter, including local community service, which will help you further decide which houses you prefer.

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Skits and House Tours

Not all universities have skits during recruitment week, but many do. For potential new members, this is when you start to get a better feel for the personality of the house. The atmosphere is a bit more relaxed as the chapter members perform a skit to show their personalities, talents and how they interact with one another. This is often when house tours are done as well, giving you a glimpse of the living quarters and what daily life in the chapter will be like. Similar to the previous rounds, this will help you narrow your list even further in preparation of the preference round.


The preference round is the final and most serious of all the recruitment activities. Whereas the previous rounds have been focused more on fun, the preference round gives potential new members a closer look at their selected sororities’ traditions and values. You’ll see the more solemn side of sorority life, hearing what the chapter means to the members and possibly watching a ceremony. You’ll also spend a more significant amount of time with the sisters and have the opportunity to discuss membership, commitment and Greek life in general.


Joining a sorority is a mutual decision, with new recruits and individual chapters each deciding whether they want the other. Both you and the sorority members will be putting your best faces forward, working to represent yourselves positively. After the recruitment process is over, Bid Day will let you know which sororities have invited you to join their ranks.

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