Nursing schools have requirements you must meet before you can apply to their programs. Many schools will require applicants to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills, a test also known as the TEAS V. This test scores your general knowledge, and programs use the test results as one measurement to gauge potential in prospective nursing students. In most cases, earning a higher score will help increase your chances of acceptance into a nursing program.

Understand the Format

To work toward a higher score, have a good grasp of the format used in the test. You will take the computerized test in a controlled environment, whether at your school or a testing center. Overall, you will have four timed tests that contain multiple-choice questions. For the reading section, you will need to answer 40 questions in 50 minutes. In the math section, you have 45 questions to complete in 56 minutes. The science section contains 30 questions to answer in 38 minutes. Finally, in the English and language section, you must answer 55 questions in 65 minutes.

Know Section Content

Spend time getting to know what each section will cover, and this will also help you discover areas you need to spend more time studying to improve your score. In the reading section, you will need to read a paragraph or slightly longer passage and answer questions to determine your level of comprehension. In the math section, you'll have questions that range from seventh- to 12th-grade math concepts. The science questions cover general anatomy, reasoning and general body, earth and physical science. In the English and language section, you will have questions on vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.

Form Study Groups

Studying with a group can help you learn and retain information quickly and efficiently, explains the University of Victoria. You may know fellow students planning to take the test and this can make up a good group. If you don't know anyone preparing for the test, post a notice on the school bulletin board to seek out people in a similar situation. Plan when you will meet and what you will cover during each meeting prior to the test, and require each person to come prepared to discuss the topic at the meetings. In one or more of your group meetings, talk as a group and discuss each question as needed.

Take Practice Tests

To improve your score and help you test higher, you can take TEAS V practice tests. These tests, available for free, can help you feel confident in knowing you can complete the test in the allotted time and also feel comfortable with the test set-up. When you first start studying, take a practice test to determine your starting score and use this as a guide to see your score increase as you take additional practice tests.

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