The Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, is a standardized test that's required for admission into many graduate schools. It measures your academic abilities so a college knows whether or not you're ready to pursue the rigorous course work required to get a post-graduate degree. If your GRE Psychology exam is fast approaching, you should start preparing immediately so that you'll get the highest score you possibly can.

Set up a study area in your home. Include comfortable seating, any materials you use to study and snacks. Eliminate noisy distractions from your study area so you can give your psychology review your complete attention.

Purchase a GRE study guide that's specific to the psychology test. In addition to providing test-taking skills, the book will also give you a clearer idea of what types of questions you'll have to answer on the real test. The guide will also help you review the major theories and ideas you learned in your undergraduate psychology classes.

Read the study guide thoroughly. Not only will you learn the new guidelines for the most current GRE Psychology exam, you'll also get clear, step-by-step directions for taking the test. Because the GRE test is timed, memorizing the directions ahead of time will help prevent wasted time reading instructions and reviewing how to mark your answers.

Take timed practice tests, which are usually included with a study guide book. Using the practice exams helps you learn how to mark your answers and it gives you an idea of how fast you'll need to answer each question before your time is up.

Review the scores you receive on your practice tests. Identify the material and theories you struggled with so you can spend more time studying that specific information, which will help you score higher on the big day.

Form a GRE study group. Invite your classmates who are also preparing to take the GRE Psychology exam to practice and study together. You can exchange study tips, quiz each other and offer support through the entire testing process.


If you complete all the practice tests that came with your study guide, look for additional ones online or at a bookstore. Instead of a written study guide, consider a software version, which can be helpful since you will be taking the GRE Psychology test using a computer.

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