While many college students begin their college careers not knowing what field they want to specialize in, some enter college knowing exactly what they want to do. Many colleges and universities have programs for students who come to college with their pre-med goals in mind. Georgia offers several pre-med programs for interested students.

The University of Georgia

The University of Georgia in Athens' pre-medical program has a core curriculum with opportunities for electives. Pre-med students are advised either one-on-one or in group sessions as they get closer to graduation. Georgia's Honors Program allows many students to take advantage of small class sizes and personalized attention with an adviser. Advanced placement programs are offered at Georgia for incoming freshman who want to receive course credit for the initial college classes and register for more difficult classes.

Emory University

Emory University, located in Atlanta, begins the counseling process with its pre-med students during sophomore year with an hour-long conference to detail courses and pre-med electives. Shadowing, internships and volunteer services are encouraged. Emory also encourages a gap year for many of its pre-med students to give them a competitive edge in the application process. The mentoring staff also helps with interviews and letters for medical school. Many of the mentors trained to help students are themselves pre-med students close to graduation and provide insight into the pre-med program at Emory.

Oglethorpe University

Oglethorpe University in Atlanta's pre-med program includes a core curriculum for all students, which encompasses a liberal arts education with a focus on math and science courses. All students are advised by a pre-med adviser for elective course selection. Testing preparation classes and pre-med interview preparation are also available through the pre-med adviser. An accelerated program is also offered, which allows many students to graduate in three years. Internships for pre-med students gives them medical experience at locations around Atlanta, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Scottish Rite Children's Hospital, and the National Institutes for Health.

Georgia College

Georgia College in Milledgeville has a Preprofessional Program for its pre-med students who are interested in careers in medicine, dentistry, occupational or physical therapy. Students are counseled on which pre-med courses to take each semester via an adviser, who gives one-on-one attention to each pre-med student in the program. The adviser also counsels students who change their minds and want to get out of the pre-med program. In addition, students prepare for the MCAT and pre-med interviews for medical school.

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