Parapsychology degrees are difficult to find because the field is not generally considered mainstream, and parapsychology jobs can be tough to land unless you're planning to go into business for yourself as a psychic or paranormal investigator. Options for training include seeking a degree in a field like psychology at a school that offers coursework or research opportunities in parapsychology, or you may wish to consider a graduate degree in a field like transformational psychology that examines human consciousness.

University of Virginia Perceptual Studies

Serious academic scholars in the Division of Perceptual Studies investigate extrasensory perception, poltergeists, near-death experiences and claims of past-life memories at the University of Virginia’s medical school. Founded in 1967, UV scientists use rigorous, empirical methods to study theories of consciousness and the nature of the human mind.

Students may study under highly qualified psychiatrists examining the possibility of consciousness persisting after death. For example, interviews of children with knowledge of purported past lives are conducted and compared with records from that time period. Like other quantitative research, personal beliefs are set aside in the interest of gathering valid and reliable data.

The Rhine Center at Duke Parapsychology School

Since 1930, Duke University has been an unabashed leader in the study of parapsychology. Today, the Rhine Center at Duke offers online classes and certificates for those interested in studying ESP, psychic ability and parapsychology. The mission of the Rhine Center is to explore consciousness and to narrow the gap between science and spirituality.

Examples of research projects conducted at the Rhine Center include ESP training, types of healing energy and psychokinesis. The Rhine Center maintains a large library archive on parapsychology. Special events and monthly meetings are held on campus to promote awareness of developments in human consciousness.

University of California, Santa Barbara

The Theoretical and Applied NeuroCasuality Laboratory is a privately funded research laboratory at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Located in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, students can assist in the lab as interns or volunteer participants in a study. Research focuses on the application of psychology and theoretical physics to the study of precognition. Scientists conduct experimental studies on intuition, seeing the future and the nature of time.

Edgar Cayce's Atlantic University

Founded by famous clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, Atlantic University is an accredited provider of distance education. The Master of Arts in transpersonal psychology and the Masters of Arts in mindful leadership programs can be completed in under three years. The curriculum covers topics like the nature of reality, integration of body-spirit mind, dream analysis, life after death and consciousness beyond the five senses.

Atlantic University's certificate in integrated imagery, regression hypnosis and mindfulness takes about a year and a half to complete. Students learn techniques of regression hypnosis through online and classroom learning at Virginia Beach. Regression hypnosis can be used to help others enter an altered state of consciousness and heal past psychic wounds, according to the school’s website.

The University of Philosophical Research

Located in Los Angeles, UPR is an accredited online organization that offers an undergraduate degree in liberal studies, a Master of Arts in consciousness studies and a Master of Arts in transformational psychology. Graduate degrees are interdisciplinary, with course requirements in psychology, religion and philosophy totaling 54 credits.

Students study a wide range of ideas and philosophies to examine the nature of the universe and the parameters of reality. Examples include the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, transcendentalism, dream symbolism, realms of magic, tarot cards and alchemy.

Alef Trust Organization

Alef Trust is a nonprofit organization that offers online classes and online degrees. Students may enroll in classes for personal growth or enroll in a graduate program leading to a master’s or Ph.D. in the field of transpersonal psychology. Students take classes in areas such as altered states of consciousness, shamanistic healing, indigenous beliefs and mystical practices.

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