Scholarships for Texas children with autism are available from national and community organizations that at committed to providing educational opportunities to students with autism. Since autism is a developmental disorder that often involves social impairments and trouble communicating, it becomes more noticeable once a child is enrolled in school or between the ages of 3 and 10, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. There is no cure for autism, so parents of children with autism usually must seek out professional help and therapists to help develop social and language skills for educational purposes.

Masonic Home and School of Texas Program Services Scholarship

The Masonic Home and School of Texas program, sponsored by CBA-Behavior Analysts of Texas LLC, offers a family as much as $2,500 annually to help educate a child with autism. The awards are based on need. An applicant must be a resident of Texas and provide valid identification, proof of income, and documentation that the child has autism and is attending school, according to The Masonic Home and School of Texas Program Services Scholarship requirements. Applications can be found online and faxed to CBA at 210-657-7402.

CEOAustin.Org also provides scholarships to children with autism that are in grades K through 12. The organization provides $1,000 tuition scholarships, $250 scholarships for children that need tutoring or enrichment, and home school material scholarships of $500. To qualify for the scholarships, students have to be residents of Texas and be in between the ages of 4 and 18. Families applying for scholarships must prove financial need and the inability to finance their child's educational needs, according to the organization's website. Applications for the scholarship are available online.

National Scholarships

Besides local Texas associations, there are also several national organizations that offer scholarships for children with autism, and parents of children in Texas can apply. The Schwallie Family Scholarship Program gives five $3,000 awards to students with autism that want to attend a four year college. Applications must be completed online, and references, medical proof of diagnosis, and proof of financial need are all required, according to the website.

The Autism Society of America also offers a scholarship called The CVS/All Kids Can Scholars Program. The scholarship is $1,000 to students with autism who have been accepted to a college. The students must write 500 word personal statements, submit transcripts, prove financial need, and supply documentation from a physician. Applications should be mailed to Autism Society; Attn: CVS/All Kids Can; 4340 East-West Hwy, Suite 350; Bethesda, MD 20814, according to the website.

Austin Rides for Autism

The National Autism Association of Central Texas holds an annual Austin Rides for Autism fundraiser to create scholarship funds for children with autism in Central Texas. Families that apply for the scholarship must make less than $50,000 a year and have at least one child that has autism. Parents must submit medical documents and proof of financial need. The association tries to award at least 50 scholarships to children annually, according to the website.

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