Working on SAT practice questions can prepare you for not only what is on the test but how it is formatted, how the answers need to be completed and formatted and much more.

There are many types of SAT example questions online. Make sure they are recent and vetted by a verified online college readiness website.

SAT Sample Questions

A few SAT sample questions done daily can help you prepare for taking the test. A study guide is good to have on hand to complete during your commute or lunch break during school or work.

Try to challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone. Don’t get confident in one area and just complete practice questions in areas where you may feel you are weak. Make sure you complete SAT sample questions in all areas, including math, language, reading and writing, to create a solid foundation of information before taking this nearly four-hour standardized test.

Student-Produced Response Questions

The math section has a series of student-produced response questions that can trip up nervous test takers. A few suggestions for soaring through this part of the test include:

  • At the top of the column of circles to fill in are narrow boxes to hold your answer. Some students skip this to save time. However, if you fill in the boxes and subsequent circles, you lower your odds of making a simple mistake.
  • Go over your work, and make sure you haven’t inadvertently marked more than one circle in a column or forgotten to thoroughly erase a circle that you did not intend to be part of the answer.
  • There are no negative answers to the questions on this part of the math test.
  • Answers with fractions are completed in the circle columns with decimals. For instance, 8/12 would be 8.12.

Multiple Choice on the SAT

The 52 multiple-choice questions on the reading section have four selections with only one correct answer. If you are unsure of the answer, first eliminate the obviously incorrect answers.

Answers can seem more apparent when you return to a question because your mind has had time to consider the information.

Online Practice Places

There are a few places where you can take an online practice test for the SAT that will offer individual feedback so that you can study better not harder. They will have thousands of questions that were prepared by professionals.

These questions are designed to give the test taker a sense of how the problems are worded, the types of information that will be covered in each subject section and more.

Khan Academy and Princeton Review have proven SAT practice questions for curious students to complete.

SAT Practice Test Answer Sheet

An SAT practice test answer sheet that you create before taking the test can help you to brush up on areas where you are less confident. Go over your practice test answer sheet in the days before sitting down to take the test to shore up your confidence and commit some basic information to memory.

SAT Test Taking Tips

The most common mistakes that happen on the SAT are from careless reading. Practice how to skim over text passages to increase your reading speed as well as your overall comprehension of the subject matter.

Skip over any questions that you aren’t entirely sure of and return to them after completing the rest of the questions. This will give you more time to spend on questions that trip you up. It will also shore up your confidence after completing all of the answers you know for sure.

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