Whether you need someone to write a letter for you or someone asked you to write a letter of recommendation, a good sample can give you an idea of what should be in the letter. Different types of letters of recommendation will support different kinds of applications.

Determine what type of letter of recommendation sample you need. For example, if you are applying to college or graduate school, you will want to focus on sample letters from professors, researchers, and supervisors. If you are applying for a job, you will want to find a sample from bosses, supervisors, or previous employers. If you are writing the letter yourself, the same guidelines apply.

Find the type of job or school-related letter you need. There are thousands of examples on the Internet. Look for samples with proper grammar and clean layouts.

Ask someone related to your field of interest for a sample of a letter she may have used or written for someone. This can give you a specific example of what to ask your recommender to write or what you need to write.

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  • Do not request a letter from someone who might write an average or poor letter. If you have any fears that an individual will write anything that could be seen as negative, find someone else.

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