Safety rules prevent injuries and even save lives. These rules are especially important in schools, because when parents send children to school, they're trusting teachers and administrators with the students' safety.

Injury Prevention in the Classroom

Classroom rules may include everything from warnings against throwing things to a prohibition against fighting. These rules hold special importance because, generally only one supervisor is in charge of a class at a time. Since watching 15 to 25 children at a time can be challenging, rules help maintain structure and keep the students safe.

On the Playground

Recess can be a dangerous time. With wide-open spaces, swings and play set equipment, rules are a must. Be sure to always have enough staff assigned to watch the children on the playground.

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Bus Safety Rules

Because the bus driver cannot possibly watch all of the students and the road at the same time, safety rules are essential. Children must be seated at all times, especially because most buses lack seat belts. They should also be prevented from distracting the driver, who needs to focus on the road.


While at school, the responsibility of the children's care falls on the school's staff. To avoid lawsuits and gain the respect of the parents, safety rules are crucial in the field of education.


Safety rules prove necessary in all aspects of school, from recess to bus rides. America's Safe Schools Week is celebrated every October to encourage these rules. Rules help protect workers from lawsuits. But most importantly, they provide a safe environment for students by preventing injuries.

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