Rotary Club is a worldwide service organization whose members are volunteers from the local to international level. Rotary Foundation offers ambassadorial scholarships to students who want to study or train in another country for the purpose of cultural understanding and friendly relations between people of different countries, according to the Rotary International website.

Academic Year Scholarship

An Academic Year Ambassadorial Scholarship covers expenses for a student to study abroad for one academic year. An academic year is typically about nine months. The student must attend an institution assigned by the Rotary Foundation Trustees or the student can request an institution, though it may not be approved. The scholarship covers tuition, room-and-board, educational supplies, round-trip travel costs and a month of language training if necessary. A one-year scholarship award typically ranges from $11,000 to $23,000, depending on the cost of the chosen institution. Awards will not exceed $23,000.

Multi-Year Scholarship

A Multi-Year Ambassadorial Scholarship funds a student's study abroad at an academic institution for either two or three years. The student must be working toward the completion of a degree program to be eligible for the multi-year scholarship. The academic institution may be assigned by the Rotary Foundation Trustees or a student may request a placement. The scholarship award is $11,000 per year to help supplement the student's pursuit of a degree. A two-year scholarship would total $22,000, and a three-year scholarship would total $33,000.

Cultural Scholarship

The Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarship funds student foreign language study and cultural immersion abroad at an academic institution for three or six month periods. The three-month scholarship is appropriate for students who have already had some training in a specific foreign language. The six-month scholarship is ideal for students who need additional training. Rotary Clubs will consider applicants interested in studying Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, German, Mandarin, Polish, Swahili, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, English, Korean, French, Russian or Swedish. Eligible students will have completed at least one year of college-level study or an equivalent of the selected foreign language. Students typically stay with local families in their chosen country. The scholarship funds round-trip travel costs, language training and the cost associated with home stays. The cap on a three-month scholarship is $10,000, and a six-month scholarship can total up to $17,000.

Rotary Peace Fellowship

The Rotary Foundation sponsors a select number of scholars each year to study at the Rotary Centers for International Studies. Students there study toward a master's level degree in peace studies, international relations, conflict resolution, public administration or a similar field. Scholars might also earn a professional development certificate in peace and conflict resolution.

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