Your resume for graduate school is where you can detail your work and educational experiences. It demonstrates your commitment through work and study to a particular area of interest. In your objective, you identify where you want to go to graduate school and what program you want to enter. It shows admissions committees exactly what you want, your goals from the very beginning. It also connects your interests and goals to those of the universities and graduate programs to which you are applying.


Use concise and exact language in your objective. This is also true for the rest of your resume. Tell the admissions committee who you are and what you want in four sentences or less. Your objective is the first thing that will be read after your contact information. Make it stand out with action-oriented verbs and descriptive words that sum up you and your goals.

School and Program

Include the name of the school and the graduate program to which you are applying. For example, you might state, "Seeking admission to XYZ University's master's program in international relations," or "I seek acceptance into the economics doctorate program at State University."


You can include a short bit about your experiences in the work and academic worlds to emphasize your interest in the graduate program. For example, you might say, "Experienced entrepreneur seeks admittance to State University's Master's of Business Administration program."

Promoting Yourself

A graduate resume's objective is less about trying to promote yourself for a job than it is about promoting yourself as a student with the drive, characteristics and interest in a particular program of study. Study the school's graduate program website and some of its publications to learn about the values it holds and its research directions. Connect your interests, work experience and studies to those values and to the program's research interests. For example, if you are applying to an anthropology program at the master's level, you might word your objective "Honors undergraduate student in anthropology with strong interest in Southwest Native American pottery seeks admission to XYZ University's master's program in Anthropology with a concentration on Southwest ceramics."

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