Queen Elizabeth I's rule during the Tudor era is often considered one of the most important reigns in English history. A popular ruler, she did not escape controversy for her family history, religious background and beliefs about marriage. At the same time, she ruled over exploration and the English Renaissance. Research topics about the queen's reign include scandal, religion and politics.

Biographical Research

Focusing the research paper on the biography of Queen Elizabeth I includes her family and religious background, both of which influenced her politically. Research about her father, King Henry VIII, and mother, Anne Boleyn, provides context for the climate in which Queen Elizabeth I was born and how that affected her reign as queen. Additionally, a look at her relationship with her half-sister, Queen Mary, provides context for Elizabeth's rule. Queen Elizabeth's upbringing as a Protestant influenced both her relationship with her sister and her overall reception and decision-making as ruler of England.

Social Research

Research topics about Queen Elizabeth I may also focus on life during the Tudor era and her influence on it. One focus might be the role of women during this era. Research could include a comparison of the life of the average woman during this time with the experience of Queen Elizabeth. Women who were educated similarly to Queen Elizabeth, including Mildred Cecil and Mary Herbert, could also be topics of research papers. Additional research on the social influence of this era might include an in-depth look at religion, including the Elizabethan church, the fallout after King Henry VIII's break from the English church and the relationship of Queen Elizabeth with Catholics.

Political Research

Research paper topics on Queen Elizabeth I might also focus on her political decisions and the major international issues she dealt with during her reign. For example, research could focus on the adversarial relationship she had with the pope, including reasons he did not recognize her legitimacy and how that affected her rule. England's relationship with Spain during Elizabeth's reign is another topic that could be researched, including the attempted invasion of England by the Spanish Armada.

Other Topics

Additional topics might include Queen Elizabeth's role in encouraging exploration, particularly with explorers Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh. Her legacy as the "Virgin Queen" and her views on marriage could also be the focus of a research paper. Additionally, research might focus on Elizabeth's role in the English Renaissance, which included the writing of William Shakespeare.

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