With 28 nationwide locations and an array of online offerings, an Argosy University education is within reach of most high school students and adult learners. The for-profit school prides itself on its schedule flexibility and accessibility, particularly for adults starting college or seeking an advanced degree. Prospective students should fill out an application online and supplement it with relevant academic records.

Undergraduate Applicants

Bachelor's degree applicants must submit a GED or high school diploma and their SAT, ACT or ACCUPLACER scores. Students with 13 or more college credits need to submit a college transcript and won’t need to take the SAT or ACT. Associate degree candidates must achieve a composite score of 18 on the ACT, a combined 850 on the math and verbal SAT tests, and must pass the Argosy University entrance exam. Students can create an account and apply on the Argosy website.

International, Transfer and Military Students

International, transfer and military students have additional requirements. International students who are non-native English speakers must pass an English proficiency test approved by Argosy. They must provide a copy of a passport. Those who live in the U.S. must provide a copy of the visa page in their passport. Students need to fill out forms to transfer credits from one Argosy University branch to another or from an outside university to Argosy. Argosy is a Servicemembers Opportunity College, which means members of the military forced to move frequently during their enlistment can transfer credits to other SOC-member universities.

Recommendation Form

Applicants need to submit a recommendation form. Typically a teacher, adviser or employment supervisor fills out the form. He’ll be asked how well he knows you and will evaluate your academic record, then rate you in various categories: intellectual ability, ability to work well with others, writing and speaking skills and commitment to professional growth. The evaluator is invited to add her own observations and then provide an overall ranking. The form should go to the specific Argosy campus to which the applicant seeks admission. Campus addresses are on the form.

Admissions Deadlines

Argosy recommends you submit your application paperwork well in advance of the start of your classes. Some students can start a class late, as long as the application materials are submitted during the first week of the drop/add period. Students can enroll conditionally by presenting a transcript copy if an official transcript is being processed. The official transcript must be received by the last day of the first session or semester or the student will be withdrawn from the program with no refund. Rejected candidates are eligible to reapply after one year.

About Argosy

Argosy University is a for-profit postsecondary school formed by the merger of the American Schools of Professional Psychology, the University of Sarasota and the Medical Institute of Minnesota in 2001. Students can work during the day, watch online classes at night and participate in classroom discussion via message boards. Teachers answer questions over the phone or through email. The university has an online job listing database and its career center will help students punch up a resume and make a good impression during a job interview.

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