One of the jobs of a college admissions counselor is to act as a liaison between the school and prospective students, answering questions about the college experience, academics and financial aid. In addition, this person is also influential regarding whom the college accepts for admission. An admissions counselor could ask a potential student many types of questions, and by analyzing the traits of an ideal applicant, various questions surface as most important.


During a college interview, an admissions counselor will ask questions in hopes of discovering whether you’re trustworthy and authentic. Questions about what your favorite subject was in high school and what book you’re currently reading are important to get a sense of whether you’re being honest. Most lies are painfully transparent, so it’s best to stick with the truth in an interview.


Even though colleges and universities value and seek out potential students with varied interests, one of the most important aspects of an ideal college candidate is whether he or she has one clear and distinct passion. An admissions counselor will ask you about your passion and how you believe the college or university will help facilitate your most important wants and goals. Your passion doesn’t have to be specific -- like a passion to be a veterinarian -- but it’s important to walk into the interview with at least a broad idea of your life objective.

Culturally Aware

Technology has connected the world in intricate ways, and different countries’ economies, societies and cultures are more intertwined now than ever. Colleges search for students who are informed of both domestic and foreign cultural issues, and admissions counselors will ask your opinion about current world issues in order to discover how informed you are. If you have a cutting and informed opinion on relevant world issues, it will be impressive.


Colleges and universities seek out unique potential students. An admissions counselor will ask a question pertaining to what makes you stand out as a person or student. Whether this is a special relationship you have with a family member or the fact that you’ve built homes for the less fortunate in Africa every year since you were 7, be proud of the attributes that set you apart from others, and display that pride during the interview.

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