As an education project manager, you will be responsible for setting a project goal, establishing objectives, defining necessary tasks, establishing a schedule, creating a budget and determining ways to measure whether the goal was achieved. There are many topics from which to choose in the field of education, not only in instruction, but in school leadership, safety, student motivation and school standards.

University of Oregon Hot Topics

The University of Oregon maintains a list of hot topics in the field of education today. A few of these topics include class size, roles of local school boards and school-business relationships. Because of the proliferation of charter schools in recent years, charter schools are a topic of interest. School safety is another hot topic, in the wake of increased violence in U.S. schools. The university has assembled resources on topics of high concern. Resources are available through the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) database.

Stanford University Hot Topics

A list of topics of high interest in education also is published by Stanford University's Cubberley Education Library. Another list of current education topics is published by the on-line library, Questia. Early childhood development is a frequently examined topic. Literacy is of concern to today's educators, as U.S. students demonstrate declining abilities to read and write. Multicultural education and discrimination also are topics of high interest in today's diverse society. As state budget deficits result in school budget cuts, administrators are concerned about the economics of education. With computers now commonplace in classrooms, the impact of technology on education is being examined.

Education Resources Information Center

ERIC is an excellent source of information on topics relevant to education today. Maintained by the U.S. Department of Education, ERIC is the world's largest digital library of education literature. It provides access to more than 1.3 million education-related bibliographic records of journal articles, books and other written materials. Hundreds of new records are added every week. The ERIC website at allows you to search bibliographic records at no charge.

Clearly Defining the Project

As a project manager, clearly define your project and its goal. For example, classroom size is too broad a topic for a research project. However, the per-student cost of class size reduction as it relates to student performance would be an acceptable project topic. Early childhood education is too broad a topic for a research project, but the effects of physical exercise on first graders' abilities to learn would be an acceptable topic.

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