Research projects tend to be large papers or presentations that can make any person a little nervous, confused and overwhelmed. Planning the research project is a time-consuming task, but it can be done with a few steps. You will need to decide on a project topic, research the topic, collect information for the bibliography and complete an outline.

Decide on a project topic. A good project topic will be one that you know something about and are interested in researching to learn more about it. Additionally, the topic should be one about which information can be easily found. Figure out what you know about the topic and what you will need to find out.

Research the topic. Use scholarly or trusted sources such as experts on the topic, government sources and educational sources. Places to find scholarly sources include the library, educational or government websites, newspapers and academic or government journals.

Complete an outline. Decide how you want to organize and present the information you gathered. The outline should include an introduction, the background of the research topic, at least three paragraphs of supporting information on the research topic and a summary of the research project.

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  • While researching the your topic, you may want collect the bibliographic information from your resources. This may include the title, author, publication information (including location as well as date and city of publication), website address, date written and the date that you accessed the information.

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