Tax courses in Toronto are offered at theoretical and practical levels by educational and financial institutions. Classes can be taken individually or as part of a larger educational program. The courses provide information for Canadian residents looking to start a new career, ease the pain of the annual tax filing ritual, or simply learn more about legal financial and economic code and the ramifications of tax law on the decision-making process.

Liberty Tax Service

Liberty Tax Service of Toronto provides tax courses for Canadians looking to learn how to prepare both personal and corporate tax returns. Courses at both the basic and advanced level are offered. The Basic Tax Course covers basic tax forms, investment income, personal tax credits and family tax filing. According to Liberty Tax Service, the basic course will equip students to prepare 95 percent of Canadian tax forms. The Advanced Tax Course covers topics such as capital cost allowance, business and professional income, and the death of a taxpayer. In 2010, both courses cost $225 Canadian, or roughly $220 US.

Liberty Tax Service

852 Danforth Avenue

Toronto ON M4J 1L7


University of Toronto

The University of Toronto offers courses on Canadian business taxation and financial accounting through its school of continuing education. The Taxation for Canadian Business course provides information on Canadian tax laws, and how these laws affect individual and business decisions. Cost for the course in 2010 is $550 Canadian, or roughly $537 US. The University of Toronto also offers a Certificate in Management Accountant Fundamentals, which includes the Taxation for Canadian Business class. The certificate covers a number of areas of personal and corporate finance through classes such as Corporate Finance and Advanced Financial Counting.

School of Continuing Studies

University of Toronto

158 St. George St.

Toronto, ON M5S 2V8


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Business Career College

Business Career College is a Canadian vocational school with a campus in Toronto. The school offers a Certified Financial Planner course. Presented in a four-module mode, the course includes a Contemporary Practices in Financial Planning as either a self-study or seminar class. The four sections of Contemporary Practices are Taxation I, Taxation II, Organizational Structures and Professional Standards and Financial Industry. The course and associated material are designed to prepare student for a career in the Canadian financial sector.

The Business Career College

206 - 5555 Eglinton Ave West

Toronto, ON M9C 5M1


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