A self-assessment tool is a test that gives a reading of a person's strengths and weaknesses in a particular area. These tools can determine dominant personality traits, relationship style, leadership type or career aptitudes. Many of these tests are available for free online or through a school counseling or resource center.

Myers Briggs

One of the best known and most widely used personality tests is the Myers Briggs, which is based on Swiss psychologist Carl Jung's personality types. Through a series of questions, this test determines whether the subject is introverted or extroverted, more likely to process life experiences through "thinking" or "feeling," and other personality traits. At the completion of the test, the test taker will know his type in the form of a four letter designation. For example, an INTJ is an introverted, intuiting, thinking, judging type. The test includes descriptions of the advantages and disadvantages of each type, plus suggestions for career paths and tips for getting along better with others according to type. A free online Myers Briggs test is available at humanmetrics.com.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Test

This gold standard of measuring intelligence was invented by French psychologist Alfred Binet in 1904. According to a British Broadcasting Corporation report, the IQ is a more accurate predictor of a person's behavior than any single other piece of information about her. Through a series of math and word problems, the test taker finishes the test with a numbered score. The average IQ score is between 90 to 109. Scores above 130 are considered superior. IQ tests are available for free at free-iqtest.net and iqtest.com.


The enneagram assesses in-born temperament and assigns a dominant type from nine types including "The Achiever" or "The Enthusiast." It also measures "wing" types -- secondary groupings of traits that also influence behavior. The test asks the subject to rate various statements according to relative truth for the subject. For example: "I want to win the approval of those in authority" or "I love to take care of people and I am good at it." A free online enneagram test is available at eclecticenergies.com.

Color Quiz

An online test is the color quiz, invented Dr. Max Lasher, a European psychologist and color expert. Possibly one of the quickest self-assessment tests available, the test taker quickly ranks a series of color swatches according to the feelings the colors inspire. The test purports to offer insights as to the test takers "desired objective," "actual problem," and "restrained characteristics." Take the test at colorquiz.com.

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