Several schools in Pennsylvania offer heavy equipment training. Courses range in length from six weeks to two years. Short courses provide the fundamental knowledge and experience necessary for an entry-level position in the construction field, whereas a two-year associate degree provides in-depth training in heavy equipment operation and maintenance.

Lehigh Career & Technical Institute

Lehigh Career & Technical Institute provides classroom and practical learning in a six- to seven-week heavy equipment operations course. The school provides more than 15 pieces of equipment for students to practice on during 130 hours of practical experience. Instructors are experts in the field, with years of construction experience. Heavy equipment includes backhoes, hydraulic excavators, soil compactors, articulated wheel loaders and bulldozers. Students are also educated in the safety standards involved in securing and transporting heavy and oversized loads. The course takes six weeks for weekday classes or seven weeks for students electing an evening and weekend program. OSHA construction safety training is also provided.

Lehigh Career & Technical Institute

4500 Education Park Drive

Schnecksville, PA 18078


Pennsylvania College of Technology

Pennsylvania College of Technology offers several associate degrees in heavy construction equipment technology. Each program is two years in length, and the options include an associate of applied science in heavy construction equipment for operators or technicians. The technician program provides training in the operation of heavy equipment with an emphasis on maintenance. The operater program focuses on the safe handling and operation of heavy equipment. The college has more than 30 pieces of equipment and supplements this supply with rental units when necessary to ensure students receive adequate training on all heavy construction equipment. Applicants to this program must possess a secondary school diploma. Completing courses in English, algebra and science are recommended.

Pennsylvania College of Technology

One College Ave.

Williamsport, PA 17701


New Castle School of Trades

The New Castle School of Trades offers students the opportunity to pursue the Heavy Equipment Operations Diploma course while also receiving a Class A commercial driver's license in the process. The 26-week program provides hands-on experience and a thorough knowledge of the operation of bulldozers, dump trucks, front loaders, backhoes, excavators and tractors. Students are trained to drive tractor-trailers and take the commercial driver's license road exam. Financial aid and assistance with job placement are available.

New Castle School of Trades

4164 US 422

Pulaski, PA 16143


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