A passing score on the General Educational Development test will help you qualify for higher-paying jobs, get into college and increase your opportunities. Various resources, offered in paper or electronic form, are available to help you pass the test. Practice and preparation will help you prepare for and pass the GED test.

Study and Prepare

When it comes to studying for the GED test, there are several sources of help. You may be able to purchase study guides at a local bookstore. Study guides are also available for purchase online, as well as many free online study resources. Local high schools, libraries, adult education offices or colleges may offer GED study groups or tutoring services to help you prepare.

Practice Test

The GED Testing Service states that studying and taking a practice test are the best ways to increase your chances of passing the GED. A practice test will increase your familiarity with the format and style of the test and help you identify areas needing remedial work. The Idaho Professional-Technical Education website states the only way to obtain a passing score is to take the official test at a state testing center, but an online version could be a good source for a practice test.

Passing Scores

According to the GED Testing Service, a total score of at least 2250 (an average of 450 per test) and a score of at least 410 for each of the five sections is required to pass the GED test. You must meet both of these requirements to pass. Some states may require a score of more than 410 per test to pass, but it will never be less than 410. The test sections are Mathematics, Language Arts-Reading, Language Arts-Writing, Science and Social Studies. Each section is based on a 12th grade curriculum.

Test Retakes

If your total score is less than 2250, but section test scores are all higher than 410, you will be able to choose which test you would like to retake. Your highest scoring test will be used to determine your total score, even if you score lower on a retake than your original test. If you score less than 410 on any section test, you must retake that test, even if your total score is higher than 2250. You can generally retake section tests up to three times per year. Individual state requirements vary regarding waiting periods between retests.

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