Whenever you are about to take an exam, you may feel very anxious. It is understandable to feel that way. You can lessen your anxiety by taking the apropriate steps to ensure that you pass your exams. Follow these guidelines to get you started.

Preparation is the key to success. Prepare for your exam, before entering the exam room. Recite the questions aloud and try to answer them without looking in the book. You can also ask a friend to ask you some of the questions to test your preparedness.

When studying for an exam, read the information thoroughly. Use the examples that are pertaining to the exam questions, to guide you. Sometimes you may have difficulty understanding a question, but by looking at a few examples, it may slowly come to you. Research your exam topic well. The library and the internet are great places to do your research.

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Get enough rest the night before the exam. Lack of sleep can affect your memory. It is difficult to remember things when you are sleep deprived. Discipline yourself to stop all activities at a certain time of the night, so that you can get enough sleep.

If your instructor have a practice session in class, use a small tape recorder to tape the session. Make sure that you take notes. The notes should be something that you can understand and can refer to, during your exam study.

Do not procrastinate. Move studying to the top of your priority list. Decline offers to go hang out or to stay up late before the night of your exam.

Keep yourself stress free. Do not allow stress to interfere with your studies. Avoid stressful situations, by all means. Doing breathing exercises can help you to relieve stress.

Make little notes and bring them along with you, wherever you are going. For example, bring it to the doctor's office or to the salon. Whenever you get a spare moment, take a quick look to refresh your memory.


  • Choose a time when you can study without distractions.
  • Visualize the answers to the exam questions. Some people study more effectively by visualizing things.
  • Choose a study group, if that is your preferred study style.
  • Go to the library, for practice studies.


  • You may find yourself completing an exam question in your sleep. Don't be alarmed, it only proves that you studied effectively.

Things Needed

  • Preparation
  • Study aids/books
  • Research
  • Practice

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