An organizational management degree focuses on the fundamentals of business, including everything from finance to human resources. Students gain skills in areas like problem solving, marketing, and leadership. Some students may go on to earn their MBA after obtaining an organizational management degree.


If a college or university offers an organizational management degree, it is often a part of the College of Business. There are also several online degree programs for organizational management.


Students working towards an organizational management degree take several courses on both business management and human resources. Some typical courses include economics, project management, and workplace relations.


Students acquire skills in several areas while earning their degree, including interpersonal communication, research, writing, and technology.


An organizational management degree tends to have a broad focus on the world of business, giving students a variety of industries from which to choose. Graduates usually enter management positions and can go on to executive positions, often in human resources.


Jobs for organizational management graduates often include duties like training staff, teambuilding, budgeting, and developing policies and procedures for their employer.

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