GED practice tests are available to help prepare you for the real test. Taking a practice test can also be a good way to study online and assess what areas you need to work on. Here is how you can find them online.

Use search engines to find practice tests online. Search terms such as "free GED practice tests", "free GED preparation test", etc. Try several search engines and search terms to maximize the number of results.

Look for web sites that offer GED preparation materials online. These sites will often offer practice tests. You can find these types of web sites by searching terms such as "free GED preparation course", "free GED preparation materials" etc.

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Locate a GED testing center. They may have, or recommend, resources for practice tests. Search online or use the American Council of Education web site to locate a valid testing center.

Check if free GED practice tests are offered online by your local library or community center. Contact schools in your area and find out if they know of any online resources.

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