Traditional barber classes often were taught in formal college or trade-school institutions. With the increasing popularity of online education, students who want to become barbers can earn their credentials and even their licensing online. All of a student's books and materials can be shipped to the student's address so he will have everything he needs while training to become a barber.

Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts and Sciences

The Euphoria Institute offers a diploma in cosmetology through its online hair-design program. The diploma can help barbers gain employment upon graduation. Since barbers and beauticians have similar skill sets, barbers who take cosmetology courses are well-qualified in their field. The Euphoria Institute prepares barber students for their careers of choice by offering niche-specific courses, such as skin care and hair design.

Euphoria Institute

Southeastern Beauty Schools

Southeastern offers a certificate and basic barbering training. In basic barbering, Students can become certified and earn a state license in less than a year. Students have the option of attending campus or online classes.

Southeastern Beauty School

Tri-State Business Institute

The Tri-State Business Institute offers an associate's degree in Barbering. The school allows students to attend campus or online courses. The campus is in Erie, Pennsylvania. In addition to the extensive barber program, the school can assist with job placement and state licensing requirements. Barber students who hope to gain a competitive edge will benefit from the associate's degree program at Tri-State Business Institute, as many barbers hold certifications only.

Tri-State Business Institute

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