Bible students seeking an advanced education in religious studies have a distinct advantage over most other students wanting to further their education. The courses are available free. The hazard of venturing onto the web might prove hazardous for some. Any good search on the term for a free bible college education brings up some pages worth investigating, and some not, but the effort put into looking deeper pays off with a wonderful reward.

Central Christian College of the Bible

In 1957, O.S. Lincoln had the vision to create a college environment within which students could focus on their studies and not worry about tuition. According to its website, Central Christian College of the Bible's driving mission is to prepare future Christian leadership, free of the burden of debt.

Central Christian College of the Bible 911 E. Urbandale Dr. Moberly, MO 65270 (660) 263-3900

Galois Christian University

Not every free bible college is easy to get into. Galois Christian University has requirements including a bachelor's degree, experience in the ministry and a firm commitment to a belief in Christianity. While Galois offers Internet-capable distance learning, students not connected can also study via distance by purchasing study materials.

Salt Lake Bible College

Salt Lake Bible College comes up as an alternative to students seeking a profession in the church yet might not fully agree with mainstream Christian theology. This scripture-based college offers distance learning capability of a theological nature, in a non-denominational environment. With religious viewpoints being as varied, and as individual, as the individual student himself, it seems a school that is flexible is important.

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