Facebook can be a great forum for its users. If you're in college, though, you might want to think before you post, because posting questionable things to your social media account can affect how college officials look at you. College admissions officers begin looking at your profile before you're even accepted. A recent survey conducted by Kaplan Test Prep revealed that of 359 college admissions officers asked, 24 percent used Facebook to do research on prospective students.

Party Pictures

If you are underage, you absolutely should not post pictures in which you are consuming alcohol. Underage drinking is bad judgment on your part, it's illegal and you can be fined for it if you are caught. Even if you are over 21, avoid posting wild party pictures that include evidence of heavy drinking. Not only are your current colleagues possibly looking at these, but there's a good possibility that future employers will as well.


Facebook is a great outlet for personal opinion, but if your opinions are mostly negative, it's smart to keep them to yourself. If you are constantly complaining about school, your job or peers, you'll look like you have a poor attitude. There is nothing wrong with sharing strong opinions when it comes to current events and politics, but remain positive and don't post wild status updates to be argumentative or to start a debate.

Unedited Content

Carelessly posting status updates with spelling and grammatical errors can reflect poorly on your ability to communicate. Potential employers monitor this information as an evaluation tool. A study by Grammarly showed that employees with social media profiles that contained fewer grammatical errors achieved higher positions in their career, were less likely to change jobs frequently and were more likely to be promoted. Using proper grammar shows attention to detail, critical-thinking skills and intellectual aptitude.

Excessively Personal Information

Posting personal information on your Facebook page that you wouldn't normally share with your friends or family can be a red flag. Avoid posting status updates that could cause drama. College officials expect their students to be positive representatives of their school, and potential employers may be turned off if you are constantly posting about what a terrible person your ex is or how the cafeteria gave you a case of food poisoning.

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