In New York state, students can earn several different types of diplomas, including a Regents diploma, an advanced Regents diploma or a local high school diploma. To earn any of these diplomas, students must earn a certain number of credits and pass the state Regents exams.

Regents Diploma

To receive a Regents diploma, a student must earn 22 credits during four years of high school. This includes four credits in English and social studies, three credits in math and science, one half-credit in health, one credit in a language other than English, two credits in physical education and 3 1/2 credits in electives. Students must also earn one credit in the arts, which can include music, dance, theater or the visual arts. In addition, students must pass five Regents examinations with a minimum score of 65 in the following subjects: English, history and geography, history and government, math, and science.

Regents Diploma With Advanced Designation

To achieve an advanced Regents diploma, a student must earn 22 credits and pass eight or nine Regents examinations rather than five. The extra exams are in math, science, and a language other than English.

Local High School Diploma

Students may earn a local diploma under three circumstances. First, students may earn this diploma if they have a disability and they score a 55 to 64 on any of the Regents exams. Students may also earn this diploma if they have a disability and fail one or more of the Regents exams but pass an alternative test called the Regents Competency Test. Lastly, students may earn a local diploma if they are three points within the passing score of 65 on one or two Regents exams and they appeal those scores.

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