Motivational assessment tools are quizzes that help you determine your level of motivation. A motivational assessment can help teachers discover their student's motivation to learn. Alternatively, an employer may ask an employee or prospective employee to complete a leadership motivational assessment to determine if she possesses the desire to lead others. A motivational assessment for college students may help to assess whether a college student is likely to graduate successfully.

Motivational Style Assessment

While a teacher may not be able to motivate students to learn, he may be able to determine their motivational style so that he can maximize their learning capacity. A questionnaire comprising 10 statements that you complete with multiple-choice responses will reveal how you are motivated to acquire knowledge. An example of a statement on this assessment is "projects should be..." and the possible answers are "finished on time," "done in groups" or "meaningful to my life." Total your points and you will discover if you are "relationship oriented," "goal oriented" or "learning motivated."

College Student Motivation

College students who are highly motivated usually do well in the completion of their studies. Some students may be struggling with depression, lifestyle changes, being homesick or dealing with personal or family problems that may significantly affect their motivation. There are questions on a college student motivational assessment that can determine whether a college student is motivated enough to resolve any personal issues or difficulties on his own or with the help of a professional. Southern Maine Community College, for example, provides a questionnaire with 15 questions that can be answered "yes" or "no." One of the questions is "if you are bored with an assignment, do you keep working on it anyway?" If you notice a lot of "no" answers when completing this assessment tool, you may want to consult with your college career counselor or student counselor at your college to further explore a possible lack of motivation.

Leadership Motivation Assessment

When you're considering a change in career that involves management or supervision skills, you may want to take a leadership motivation assessment. Employers may use this same tool to determine if any of their employees are right for taking on a leadership position within their company. You simply answer to what extent you agree or disagree with a list of statements. An example of a statement on this test is "Team accomplishment is more important to me than my own personal accomplishments." After completing the 14 questions, you click on "calculate my total" and then read the score interpretation. It will tell you how motivated you are to lead others.

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