So you want to attend a Christian college, but you don't have rich parents, a big savings account or a big-time paid scholarship. Most Christian undergraduate colleges charge at least $20,000 per year in total costs (and sometimes much more). Unless you want to graduate from college with thousands of dollars of debt, your choices of Christian colleges are somewhat limited. Fortunately, there are still several choices for the spiritually minded and money-conscious education seeker.

Pensacola Christian College

If affordability is what you’re looking for in a college, look no further than the beautifully manicured campus of Pensacola Christian College. Yearly tuition, room, and board at this ultra-conservative Christian college amounts to a staggeringly low $7500. With the possibility of earning up to $4,000 per year in the on-campus work assistance program, nearly anyone can afford PCC without bothering with student loans. However, unless you wish to forego the simple pleasures of an un-chaperoned date, riding a non-gender-segregated elevator, or shaking the hand of the opposite sex, you may want to also consider other Christian colleges. <br /><br />Pensacola Christian College<br />250 Brent Lane<br />Pensacola, FL 32503<br />(850) 478-8496<br />

Moody Bible Institute

If someone were to tell you that you could attend a top-notch Christian college in downtown Chicago without paying any tuition, you would rightfully dismiss that statement as being absurd. However, you would be wrong. Even after paying room and board in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago, your total costs for the year will likely be well under $15,000. However, don’t start dreaming about Navy Pier, Hancock Tower and Moody Church just yet. Unless you are aiming to work in the professional Christian ministry, you need not apply, as MBI does not currently offer non-ministry-related majors. Another potential problem: You aren’t the only one attracted by tuition-free schooling. In fact, Moody turns down the majority of its applicants each year.<br /><br />Moody Bible Institute<br />820 North La Salle Drive<br />Chicago, IL 60610<br />(312) 329-4000<br />

Calvin College

Located in Grand Rapids, Calvin College is one of America’s largest evangelical liberal arts schools and currently offers over 100 academic programs. Although it doesn’t boast the beauty of Pensacola beaches or the nightlife of Chicago streets, it does offer a sound, academic education from a Christian perspective. However, it’s not bargain-basement cheap. Tuition per academic year stands at $23,810, as of 2010. But compared to similar institutions, it’s a steal. For instance, Biola’s yearly tuition is nearly $28,000; while Wheaton will put you back $40,000.<br /><br />Calvin College<br />3201 Burton Street Southeast<br />Grand Rapids, MI 49546<br />(616) 526-6000? <br />

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