Three medical assistant certification tests are recognized nationally: those from the American Association of Medical Assistants, American Medical Technologists and National Center for Competency Testing. Some states, such as California, require medical assistant applicants to sit for a different exam. It is unlikely that you will find any current exam questions. The material is closely guarded by test publication companies. However, you can find other resources to help you study.

Narrow down the areas you need to study, and find example questions on free online study tests. For example, Quizlet offers an online list of vocabulary terms to know. also offers a free 25-question practice exam on its website. The Practice Quiz website also has a practice test with a study mode option to help you prepare. The American Association of Medical Assistants website offers anatomy and physiology and medical terminology practice tests as well.

Take a review course specifically for the exam. The AAMA website suggests that you contact a local accredited medical assisting program or a local chapter of the AAMA to find a test review provider if you will be taking its test. If you will be taking a test from a different provider, contact the test publisher or your local accredited medical assisting program to find out about test review programs for that exam in your area.

Study the AAMA exam content outline, which details the percentage of questions and the topics that will be covered. This tool should also be useful if you are taking other exams. The general areas to study include anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, psychology, professionalism, communication, medicolegal guidelines and requirements, administrative, equipment, computer applications, Internet services, screening and opening mail, scheduling and monitoring appointments, community resources, maintaining the office environment, practice finances, office policies and procedures, and clinical topics.

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